A new year, a new look, a new objective. Happy New Year, everyone!  I'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting me both behind the camera as director and collaborating with me on various projects big and small.  I look forward to playing with everyone whenever I can :) With the hackers attack on my hosting [...]

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Nailing the coffin

Most people would probably mention this as the death of film, but rarely do you find an article or admission from an industry specialist confirming the fact.  ARRI has been extremely successful with their ALEXA camera since its introduction but who'd thought they'd actually stop making film cameras altogether.   Quote from ARRI's Martin Frillman [...]

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The site is live!  In the tradition of pushing things forward, I've asked my brother the designer to use HTML5 for the site and H.264 video.  The site runs beautifully on Safari and Chrome.  However, we're working out the kinks so bear with us.   Update: Firefox doesn't support H.264 for HTML5 so please use [...]

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